Rendez-vous Canada Educational Programs (RVC) are affordable, curriculum-based trips to select Canadian destinations. Developed as hands-on cultural experiences for groups of all ages, RVC trips are educational, fun and affordable.

RVC specializes in cultural visits to a variety of Canadian destinations and operates as a separate division within UNIGLOBE Premiere Travel Planners Inc. Since RVC programs were introduced more than two decades ago, close to 35,000 participants have enjoyed a personal Rendez-vous with Canada. Like them, you can experience the difference made by the tradition of excellence created by our professional and knowledgeable staff, trained guides and top quality trusted suppliers.

By experiencing a different area of Canada first-hand, youth develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for the similarities and differences that exist between the various regions of Canada. From history and geography to cultures and languages, youth will witness the rich mosaic that forms their country.

Participants are offered the chance to develop socials skills and become more self-reliant through experiences in decision-making in new surroundings.

Youth can also target a specific educational objective or improve proficiency in a second language by being immersed in it. This all depends on the focus of the tour.

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